Audiophile Nirvana began as a group of audio enthusiasts and engineers in Knoxville, Tennessee during the early 1980’s. One of the members moved to Atlanta and created the North Georgia Audio Society in 2006. In 2015 Audiophile Nirvana became its official publication. As members from both groups became acquainted the two groups became indistinguishable from one another and evolved into the Audiophile Nirvana Group.


  • New audio technology
  • Digital audio
  • Analog audio
  • Tube/valve amplification
  • Solid state amplification
  • Loudspeaker design
  • Room acoustics
  • Measurement and testing
  • Transducer design
  • Amplifier design
  • Correction (convolvers, etc.)
  • Digital crossovers and Loudspeaker Management Systems

If you live in the area and would like to join the group we can be contacted here.